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Getting Started

Referrers can be individuals or firms that work with entrepreneurs and companies seeking capital, such as lawyers, accountants, consultants and other business service providers.


Easy and fast registration to get access the platform

Introduce companies

Introduce new companies seeking capital to Capitalizer

Receive a success fee

Upon the successful closing of a transaction, Capitalizer will share a success fee with you

Get started and introduce companies seeking capital to Capitalizer.

Why Capitalizer?

Contribute to the capitalization of SMEs and be rewarded.

Help companies access capital

Present to entrepreneurs an attractive solution to reach capital from professional investors

Receive a fee

Capitalizer will pay you a referral fee in case of a successful transaction referred by you

Professional and structured process

The process is executed through a platform developed by seasoned investment banking professionals

Specialized support available throughout the process

Companies will be supported by BiG’s team, available throughout the process


Capitalizer recognizes the importance of Referrers and their unique knowledge and access to SMEs, and is ready to reward them.  Capitalizer has therefore designed a referral fee program.

Introduce companies and share their success